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Carrie Burnett

Carrie Burnett (they/them) is a licensed massage therapist, somatic experiencing bodyworker and academic stress researcher. They use the tools and concepts from Somatic Experiencing and their background studying trauma and touch to help support the people they work with. In addition to woking with people doing massage therapy and somatic experiencing bodywork Carrie is also the co-founder of the Grove Assault Prevention (GAP) initiative and is in a doctoral program at SLU studying cognitive neuroscience with emphasis in stress physiology. The combination of insights from each of these areas have allowed Carrie to develop specific trauma informed practices aimed at helping each person achieve their bodywork goals in a safe and empowering environment. Carrie also has taught workshops on trauma informed touch and trauma informed mindfulness to help other practitioners in creating a safer space for trauma survivors across the board. Carrie is really passionate about supporting people wherever they are by validating the reality of stress and trauma in our society while helping them to find any inner resources that may help relieve stress along the way. Carrie believes it is essential to support people in fighting systems of oppression and injustice in addition to helping people achieve as much resilience and peace as is possible along the way. Trauma informed work, according to Carrie, involves the macro and the micro of both the inner and the outer worlds.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing

A healing modality for anyone who has experienced trauma or for someone who has a chronic pain or sensation that is otherwise unexplainable

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

The benefits are endless! From allowing our body to relax to the therapeutic relief of muscle ailments, to emotional release within our body

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Carrie made me feel very comfortable and listened too. She tailored the treatment to exactly my needs. Definitely will be back.

— Amber B.

I had a Somatic Experiencing session. Carrie was very patient, compassionate, & listened very well. I felt safe & heard. I highly recommend this technique for anyone that has experienced significant trauma in their lives.

— Audrey C.

Love the way in which Carrie helped me stay connected to my body and breath throughout the massage. She was communicative throughout the whole massage, providing an embodied experiance.

— Caitlin M.

I was really grateful for a practice that integrates the body and the brain for growth and healing. Working with Carrie was wonderful!

— Anonymous

Carrie makes it easy to relax and feel comfortable. I’m excited to continue working with her!

— Lisa P.

Carrie is amazing. I’ve never felt so comfortable getting a massage. You can tell she is very caring.

— Lisa W.

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